On Facebook, suspected Kansas shooter talked guns, ‘God is good’

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Image from Wikimedia Commons

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Kansas state flag.

Kansas state flag.

“Woke up this morning vibing God is good.”

Those are the words on what appears to be a Facebook post published Tuesday (Feb. 23) by the man local media say is the suspect in  a series of shootings near Hesston, Kan., that left 3 people dead and 14 people injured a little more than 48 hours later.

The post by Cedric Ford, who lists himself on the social media network as a painter at Excel Industries in Hesston, shares a link to audio of a Drake song on YouTube.

The Kansas City Star and KAKE television said Excel employees identified Ford, 38, an employee at the company, as the gunman in the Kansas attacks late Thursday. Authorities said he died after a confrontation with a law enforcement officer. Some of the victims in the shooting were gunned down at Excel, a lawn-care products factory.

The shooting is the latest deadly spree in an eight-month span that has seen high-profile incidents in places such as Charleston, S.C., San Bernardino, Calif., and Kalamazoo, Mich., which occurred just five days earlier.

In Thursday’s incident about 36 miles northwest of Wichita, Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said there were four or five crime scenes.

One shooting took place in Newton, Kan., where a person in a truck suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder, Walton said. Another person was shot in the leg at another site, he added. At Excel, one person was shot in the parking lot and the remainder inside the building, he said. All the dead were killed at Excel.

On Facebook, Ford said he was a single man and a native of Miami who lived in Newton, Kan.

Ford’s stream on the site is filled with rap videos, a mention of a car show he said he was looking forward to this weekend and photos of children romping at the Wichita Zoo. Another post Tuesday is accompanied a YouTube video of Billy Blue’s “Get Like Me,” which features the rapper Brisco.

The Facebook feed also includes images of guns, including one video in which Ford appears to fire a rifle in a field in September.

A chilling photo dated Feb. 15 shows a hooded man holding a long gun. In response to concerned friends he wrote: “Lol I’m ok really just doing my thing as things.”

(Susan Miller writes for USA Today) 

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  • This nation has lost its ability to function.

    These mass murders are so much more threatening to our national stability than anything the terrorists are up to. I just don’t know where the outrage went.
    Evangelicals will moan that too many Christians are backsliding. But the truth is these mass shootings and gun sales are happening in the most religious communities in America – in the name of God and country.

    2.7 Million Americans die every year. This massive loss does not harm our country nor put us in existential risk.
    25,000 of them die from self-inflicted gun shots.
    14 died of terrorism. More people choked on peach pits!

    I don’t know how we can come up with reasonable laws if religion continues to be the constantly invoked ‘remedy’ for everything. It solves nothing.
    What we need is better government, mental health, gun laws, decent education and rebuilding our society for the Common Good.

  • MarkE

    I don’t agree with you, Max, on many things – but on this, I’m with you. It must stop and religion must stop justifying such attitudes.

  • I think Atheists, Christians and Muslims can easily find common ground on many, many things if we just get together and start caring more about practical solutions which have been shown to work. Religion needs to go back to being a bit more of a private matter in this country.

  • Doc Anthony

    Exactly what do you have in mind, Max? You are already aware of the horrific lengths that the officially **atheist** government of China has gone, in order to ensure that Religion (especially Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism), is either “government-approved” or else “a private matter” (go underground), or else “we beat you in prison, we slowly kill you with prison slave-labor, and we take your kids away permanently for good measure.”

    So, as a Christian, I have reason to be concerned about attempts to force people of faith to become more “private” or something. Obama and Hillary have already signed off on a de-facto REPEAL of the Bill of Rights when it comes to gay marriage and Christians.

    So tell me what you have in mind, Max?

  • Doc,

    What on earth could you POSSIBLY be freaking out about?

    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion nor prohibit the free exercise thereof” – US CONSTITUTION

    American Law protects ME from YOU. And it protects YOU from ME.
    I cannot enforce a religious dogma across the country.
    You cannot enforce a religious dogma across the country.

    Stop being so scared. Shame on you and the priests and pastors who are out there stirring up this cry baby nonsense.

  • Debbo

    Doc, I think there is a lot of space between what we have in American religion now and the atheist totalitarian government in China. I don’t hear Max suggesting the latter. I know I’m not.

    In the meantime, I feel much more threatened by white, male, American terrorists than Muslims. They’ve committed many more terrorist attacks in this country than Muslims. Yes, it was Muslim terrorists who flew into the towers in NY. If I were to be victimized in a terrorist attack, odds highly favor one or more white, American males as the terrorists.

  • Doc Anthony

    As you suggested, Max, there ARE a lot of Christian pastors and priests (and laypeople as well!) who are concerned about recent serious attacks upon American religious freedom.

    WE are not scared, WE are not freaking out. But WE know just from recent events, that WE better not let the caustic critics of biblical Christianity become the only vendors in the public marketplace of ideas.

    Notice how you yourself chose to exploit one man’s tragic crime to attack and criticize the major religions (but not your favorite religion, atheism.) You say “Religion solves nothing” but you are not able to keep it even-handed and say “Atheism solves nothing” in the same breath.

    So Christians cannot afford to allow such one-sided criticism to go unchallenged. Otherwise, things happen and all of a sudden, constitutional protections of freedom of religion are no longer there for certain religions (starting with Christianity).

    Now…exactly what did you have in mind for us?

  • Doc,

    You never heard me say Atheism solves anything for a very good reason – atheism solves nothing.

    My problem with religion is not only the falseness in its claims, but it encumbers society when it is rampant as it is now.
    Name a single freedom of religion which is under threat in America! You are like a kid who sees monsters in closets! Turn on the lights. Stop freaking out.

  • Junebug

    You are right, MAX. What we need is better government, mental health, gun laws, decent education and rebuilding our society for the Common Good. And the GOP obstructs every effort to improve.

  • Ben in oakland

    You’re wrong. Max. Atheism does indeed provide a solution…

    To what to do one a nice weekend morning when the sun is shining, and your spouse or children would like to spend some quality time.

    To finding answers in the universe that don’t depend on questionable interpretations of bad translations of ancient texts produced by peoples millennia way from us in thought, language, culture, morals, and knowledge.

  • Re: “You are already aware of the horrific lengths that the officially **atheist** government of China has gone, in order to ensure that Religion …”

    Do you have any idea how insane this rant sounds? Just because someone told you to put your religion away long enough to look for truly practical solutions to societal problems, you go on a tear over China!?


    You actually think what Max is asking you to do, amounts to banning all religion and imprisoning or killing all religious believers? You’re leaping to conclusions based on religionistic paranoia. If you’re a Christian, I suppose you have an excuse for this, since a desire to be martyred for Jesus fuels the psychopathology of Christianity (http://www.earlychristianhistory.net/extras/martyr.html).

    Even so … could you at least try to be rational when people talk to you about religion? Just once? Please? The rest of us would appreciate it. Thank you.

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