• yoh

    How about getting an extended middle finger instead?

    Franklin Graham has proven over and over again how pernicious the Christian theocratic agenda is. The man extols attacks on religious liberties, promotes bigotry and can’t even run a charity without acting badly.

    He has relied entirely on his father’s reputation and drove it into the ground.

  • Garson Abuita

    I wonder if Franklin would say the same thing about Jews: that Judaism does not save anyone, that it cannot save you from the gates of hell, and won’t open the doors to paradise?
    By the way, who has sued Franklin for exercising his faith in the public arena?

  • walden

    Franklin Graham is setting the stage for his presidential campaign in 2020. You can bet on it.
    Why else the multi-state “political’ rallies featuring no-one but Graham? And its totally clear that he is deeply interested in politics (remember all the endorsements in the name of Billy in the 2012 election). But this year he’s seen that the endorsement game will just tarnish his reputation. With this game, he’ll be the post-partisan savior. For precedent see Robertson, Pat…..but Graham is playing the long game.

  • Jack

    The fact that he quoted anything approvingly from Trump suggests he is putting politics ahead of the Gospel.

    And to praise Trump for being outspoken is to praise him for nothing, because being outspoken alone means nothing. I’m sure that Nero and Caligula, as well as Adolf and Josef, were quite outspoken individuals.

    As for the fire and brimstone, some of what he said was theologically unsound. You don’t go to hell for any one sin; were that the case, every human being who ever lived would be there. You go to hell by refusing to admit you are a sinner….in other words, by denying the most obvious of all human truths — that no matter how low we lower the bar of ethical or moral standards, all of us fair miserably, even the best of us humans. We fail to meet even our own measly standards as people.

    In other words, there’s really only one thing separating heaven from hell — those in heaven ate humble pie, while those in hell refused.

  • Ben

    Well then, that behavior would make him an ideal political candidate. Just look at Trump et al in the present slate for “inspiration” there.

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  • Debbo

    Exactly Yoh. The only thing I have to add is “Shame, shameon you Mr. Graham.”

  • Jack

    I like his father better for a number of reasons, but I don’t know what a Christian “agenda” means, because Christians, like everyone else, are split politically into many factions.

    As for “theocratic” agenda, nice try, but I prefer to define words precisely, not broadly so as to use as a club against one’s political foes. To me, a Christian theocrat (or theonomist or dominionist) is someone who wants literally to replace the US Constitution with the Law of Moses. That is theocracy and every Christian denomination in America condemns it as heretical. But a growing number of smart alecks think it’s a pretty cool idea, when no one’s looking, to quietly expand the definition of theocracy to mean any Christian advocacy of positions that, while dear to Christian conservatives, are not uniquely biblical nor even uniquely religious and hence in no conceivable way theocratic.

  • Doc Anthony

    Even though Franklin Graham doesn’t want anybody’s vote, he’s really the only leader qualified to be President within a 10,000-mile radius.

    So a Christian gotta do what a Christian gotta do — I’m going to vote for Franklin Graham ANYWAY !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rev. Angel Christ

    There are so many problems with Franklin Graham that I don’t even know where to begin. I will just say that what he has done to his father’s legacy is nothing short of elder abuse. He puts words in Billy’s mouth that do not reflect the Billy Graham we saw and heard for 50 years. He is as much of a bully as Trump, maybe more so because Trump does not do his bullying in the name of God. There is only one thing I can think of that we should emulate from this man. Those of us who are Christian, and do not accept the Jesus he has created, should learn to speak out just as forcefully. Duke U backed down from allowing faithful, non-violent Muslim Duke students to pray in Duke Chapel because of Franklin’s rants. Isn’t he the one who says the nation will be saved only by prayer? This is using God’s name in vain, and he does it often with his tirades. I would like to know, who died and made Franklin Graham God?

  • Jack

    Oh this is just great….another erased post.

  • Jack

    Despite the fact that I disagree with Franklin Graham on a number of pretty big things, I would vote for him in a millisecond over Donald Trump….because Franklin Graham would constitute no threat at all to our basic system of government. Trump is a wannabe dictator; Franklin Graham, whatever his faults, is not even close.

    And while I believe Franklin needs to rethink on many things, I believe he is a good man, unlike Trump, who is a terrible human being.

  • Jack

    Franklin Graham has some of the usual flaws of Christians who don’t understand people who are not like them, but I don’t see him as a direct threat to the Republic like Trump. I would not fear Franklin going absolutely crazy if someone disagreed with him, the way Trump does. I would not fear Franklin trying to dismantle the First Amendment and make himself dictator, as Trump shows every sign of wanting to do. I would not fear Franklin using the IRS, FBI, and other federal agencies to go after dissenters, as Trump would want to do.

  • Jack

    In other words, Franklin is more a narrow-minded fundamentalist in many ways, whereas Trump is a fascist bully-boy thug — a lawless wannabe Mussolini totalitarian. Trump is the far, far greater threat. Franklin is no bargain, but he’s a million times better than Trump.

  • yoh

    Theocratic is a rather apt description of Christian conservatives these days. There are certainly plenty of sects who advocate replacing constitutional freedom with sectarian discriminatory laws. Especially those pretending religious freedom means a privilege to attack others in the name of their faith.

    They are easy to spot, they are the ones attacking separation of church and state and seem to believe free exercise only applies to Christians.

  • Ben in oakland

    Here’s the test, Jack.

    Are they interested in the purely theological concerns of their particular interpretations of the bible being made into secular law, or are they merely expressing a more general opinion.

  • edward

    1,000,000 X 0 = 0

  • stephen

    He still endorses Jesus as the ONLY WAY!

  • Franklin Graham doesn’t have to say that inre Judaism,Garson.The great Apostle Paul’s already got those issues covered.Peace.

  • Carol W

    He hates African Americans, Women and Muslims.

  • Garson Abuita

    Laurence, Christians in the following 1,970 or so years since Paul have also said that Islam and other non-Christian religions are non-salvific. They didn’t feel the need to defer to him. Yet, Franklin has chosen this particular time in US history to hammer Islam. Why? If it’s just about saving people, he should be saying the exact same things about Judaism. So why isn’t he?

  • George Nixon Shuler

    You forgot one thing he wants: money! This wastrel son of a famous man is a notorious charlatan who does not care who he hurts in his desire for wealth and fame.

  • Elaine

    God is love and if we are in Him, He is in us and we are in Him. Many of these responses sounds Very judgmental and ungodly. Let God judge. At least lets thank him for all the good works he is doing. Are you doing that much good? Examine yourself.

  • Jack

    Obviously we agree on the “1,000,000” but not on the “0.”

  • Jack

    That’s silly. I’m sure he’s set for life in the money category. He is what he is. There really isn’t much to explain. The article says it.

  • Jack

    Several reasons, Garson.

    First, he sees radical Islamism as the major threat to the world and, seeing it as the purest form of Islam, hence comes against Islam. I disagree, but I’m summarizing his position.

    Second, he has emerged from waves of Christian Zionism which have swept this country over the past half century and have led to a philo-Semitism that comes thisclose to believing in practice that somehow, Jews will be okay without accepting Christ.

    Third, the increasing on-the-ground friendships between pro-Israel Jews and Christian Zionists are making it very hard for those on the Christian Zionist side to tell their Jewish friends that they need Jesus.

    Put simply, evangelicals are human beings with human emotions like everyone else….and while Jews don’t always reciprocate, they have a genuine, gut-level liking for Jews, especially friends who are Jews.

    The way I see it, the Gospel is true but I leave it to God to judge hearts and motives.

  • Billysees

    Why is there always so much scornful stuff coming from famous religious conservatives?

    You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men…….Matthew 5:13

    That’s really what happens to them simply because of their constant mean spirited public discourse and actions. It is constantly defining what kind of people they are.

  • Carinsue

    Oh my gosh – such vindictiveness! And I can’t quite figure out if some of you are not Christian and judging Graham because he is – and says Jesus is the only way, or if you are Christian and you are judging him because he isn’t up to your standards. Paul took that kind of abuse too – and was glad to take it for Jesus.

  • yoh

    Too bad for you we don’t live in a Christian based Iran-type theocracy.

  • Garson Abuita

    I’m not judging Franklin Graham because he’s a Christian, I’m judging him because he’s a hypocrite.