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  • M McL

    Trump won Hawaii?> amazing since Hawaii is so labor-union happy. What
    he does with Mex vote in Calif will be interesting the higher it is. He
    employs many trade workers and their unions want a robust protected
    wage/closed border so some leverage in gaining wages can be attained. An unlimited worker force doesn’t bring higher wages. There’s a reason Ceaser Chavez hated illegal immigration.

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  • Dennis Lurvey

    There is also a difference in accuracy whether it’s phone poll or internet. People believe checking a box is more private and will most likely not embellish.

    I grew up christian but am now atheist from years of study. But because of my roots I might have an automatic reaction to, ‘are you religious’ or ‘are you a christian’ or ‘how often do you attend services’. It still feels like my mother is watching and I would say what she wants to hear (although she’s been dead for 25 years).

    People over report their degree of religiosity and they grossly under report their disbelief. Admitting you have become a non believer can destroy families, cost you your job and friends, and you loose the church community around you completely (I just miss the homemade muffins).

    I believe that’s why evangelicals are voting for the non religious trump, he is more like them than the other repubs who admit they will use our govt to spread their beliefs as president.

  • yoh

    Hawaii Republicans are probably anti organized labor and most California Hispanic voters are probably Democrats.

    Cesar Chavez was no fan of “catch and deport” as it enables management. Paths to citizenship mean it’s more difficult to exploit immigrant laborers.

    The whole “lets deport them all” nonsense is rather pointless because:
    1. Short of authoritarian tactics which will annoy citizens and a descent into dictatorship, it is not even possible to do it.
    2. It perpetuates the very underground economy and exploitation that it is meant to remedy.

  • yoh

    I would say arrogant and hostile responses like yours are a good enough reason as any.

  • Christy

    I am a Baha’i, one of the 160,000 or so Baha’is in the USA (about 6 million of us worldwide). We are not to get involved in partisan politics, but we are very much encouraged to vote our consciences based upon our understandings of our sacred texts. This encouragement to vote is so that we contribute to our society. Note: We are never told to vote for specific people or parties – that is absolutely never done.

    If I were to be approached to complete a voting exit poll and asked “How many times a week do you attend religious services” that is nonsensical to us Baha’is because our calendar is one of 19 months with 19 days each (with 4 or 5 intercalary days to make 365 or 366 days in a solar calendar). Our religious observance as a community is once every Baha’i month, i.e. once per 19 days, nothing to do with a 7-day week (altho’ we still have 7-day weeks in our calendar – just community religious observances are not aligned with them).

    Perhaps other religions have…