Catholic charity group cancels gay singer’s performance

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(RNS) A North Carolina singer’s invitation to perform at a local Catholic charity gala was revoked after the organizing group learned of her same-sex marriage.

Kat Williams had performed twice at the Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte’s annual Gala For Hope, which supports impoverished families in the region.

But after the diocese’s bishop saw a 2013 magazine article in which she states that she and her wife had been married for seven years, the organization told her they would no longer need her services for Saturday’s (March 12) gala in Asheville, North Carolina, according to a post she wrote on Facebook.

Video courtesy of ABC News 13 WLOS

“Marriage can only be between one man and one woman,” David Hains of the diocese told local media. “Because Ms. Williams chooses to be in a relationship that’s different from that, it really makes it inappropriate for her to perform for us.”

The organization apologized for the confusion and said it was not a personal matter. They are exercising their right to represent their faith, Hains said.

“I’m hurt and saddened!” Williams, an Asheville resident who performs at numerous nonprofit events in western North Carolina, wrote on Facebook. “My entire career is gratefully connected to important causes or charities that I wholeheartedly believe in. This is the first time I’ve been fired from a performance solely based on who I chose to love.”

Williams says she is still receiving a check for her canceled performance, according to WLOS, but some of her supporters are boycotting the gala and have stopped donating to the organization.

She has asked fans to respond with forgiveness and grace, and invited the bishop to visit her church.

(Aysha Khan reports for RNS)

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  • G Key

    How charitable.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Let’s hope that check doesn’t bounce, Ms. Williams. It looks like the bishop’s misdeed is going to cost him more money than that.

  • Tom Blanford

    I expect that the diocese also cancels performances from anyone who has gotten a divorce, has had sex outside of marriage, etc. etc. Isn’t there something in that book they are always talking about concerning stones and throwing them and sin? Do they wonder why their pews are empty?

  • Sheila

    Does ‘t the Bishop know he lives in a glass house? The Catholic church didn’t have any problem with transferring priests guilty of child abuse. Apparently, to this Bishop, being gay is worse than abusing children.

  • Joseph Styles

    “They are exercising their right to represent their faith, Hains said.”

    –Well, at least we know they’re not particularly Christian.

  • Unaffiliated Voter

    boo damn hoo…

    why did Kat want to perform for people who don’t like her?
    she’s the one who should be axing herself the querstion…

    and really, WHO cares? I certainly do NOT!

    PLUS, Kat Wms is barely talented..she’s been a singer for years all over asheville and most people are tired of hearing her…

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  • Tom

    Oh dear. It’s like a cross between Idi Amin Da Da and Whoopie. Nobody wants to see this. Stop