• Gary

    I am an immigrant and a Catholic and I disagree with you. Immigrants are “legal aliens” not people who violate our immigration laws. We waited in line to enter legally, obeyed laws, and learned English. Learning English was easy for me as a child, but my parents it was difficult, but they did it. My father carried a dictionary in his pocket. whenever he heard a word he did not understand, he asked how to spell it and knew it from then on.
    Today, migration is all about the money, ( free benefits, low labor costs & even the Catholic church gets to increase its membership. The US takes in almost a million people in legally annually. You say the system is “broken” but you keep encouraging people to break it. That is why the system is broken, laws are not enforced.

  • Barry the Baptist

    You have not answered the question that was posed:

    Yes, it would be very nice if everybody obeyed the law and didn’t support illegal immigration. The crime, however, has already been done. What now is to be done about it that is feasible, humane, economical, and progressive? The author is saying that the hodge-podge of reforms have been inhumane. Many others would point out that they have been expensive, impractical, and ineffective. Would you agree with these characterizations?

    The question is not what you want to do about future illegal immigrants, but what would you recommend we do about the people who are here now, with educations, families, jobs, and lives that are made within and suited for this country?

  • Spuddie

    Frankly if I ever ran into someone who makes a huge fuss over the violation of immigration laws, who actually knew a thing about them, I would be shocked. The idea that the anti-immigration crowd only objects to illegal aliens is flat out wrong. They are also the same people who put up a stink about asylum candidates and refugees. Legal aliens by the definition of our laws.

    They also pretend that immigration laws are anywhere similar to criminal laws, they aren’t. Criminals in the US actually have more due process rights and civil liberties than undocumented aliens. The biggest difference is the sense of proportionality of the penalty to the offense. There is absolutely no sense of moral or even sane penalties when it comes to immigration violations. The reality is that the harsh penalties of deportation/removal only create a greater incentive for criminal exploitation of undocumented workers and human trafficking. Its not working. Dumping more money into enforcement won’t change that

    The system is broken because we have too many people like yourself with no interest in understanding it, yet extolling its status quo. The idea that “if we just enforce it, the illegal alien problem will go away” is complete and utter fiction. We have been doing that for the last 50 years an not a thing has changed. Illegal aliens continue to ebb and flow through the country depending on the need for cheap labor. Nothing gets accomplished because vilifying immigrants is a great way to politicians to drum up easy support and exploit bigotry for political gain.

    People who talk about breaking laws should make efforts to know what they are first before spouting off. It makes them seem ignorant and that they have ulterior motives. We live in a democracy, only fools accept laws without question or understanding.

  • Spuddie

    Calling immigration violations a crime would be a misunderstanding of the system. Criminal law requires certain civil liberties elements completely absent in immigration law. Rights to counsel, to appeal are drastically curtailed. One needs not even even being old enough to be aware of a violation. It would be unfathomable to charge a child under the age of 8 with a crime, but subjecting one to harsh penalties in immigration courts is common.

    Fact of the matter is, a humane solution is one which the people with the Judge Dredd attitudes (“The Law is the Law”) don’t want to consider. Make immigration violation in of itself punishable by a stiff fine. Those who lack any criminal history and are working for a living pay to stay. Justice is still served in that a penalty is provided. Just one that is not as draconian as our current laws.

  • LCDG

    If the rules were humane and normal again, “Immigration violations” as anti immigration lobbies name them would be redefined.
    This country was based on Immigration, still is. What President Obama did is, give a global solution and a very modern one to the immigration situation. It is well to know that America is the only unique country with a unique immigration system. Populations flock in for the purpose of working hard, find a haven and live with rights for the pursuit of happiness. What on earth happened to human rights?America is the country for liberties and justice for all …