• David Russell Walter

    Oh my, what revisionist drivel.

    What Passover actually celebrates, according to the fable of Exodus, is Yahweh’s murder of every first-born non-israelite male in the whole of Egypt, including infants, in order to persuade the Pharaoh to release his Hebrew slaves. Since Yahweh apparently lacked the ability to discern his own people from those of the Egyptians (or even human beings from animals!), they were to help him out by marking their houses with blood. Yahweh seems to really love blood.

    The murder of children doesn’t stop there, however, for the Tanakh reports how the Israelites then entered Cana’an and, under direct orders from Yahweh, slaughtered the people already dwelling there for the crime of worshiping gods other than Yahweh, including men, women, and children.

    A “message of religious freedom” indeed.