Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – April 29, 2016

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Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric – With suggestions of banning Muslims from coming to the US, “patrolling Muslim neighborhoods” and questioning whether Muslims are qualified to be president, there has been much negative rhetoric about Islam this election season. Kim Lawton reports on efforts in Nashville, Tennessee to counter the rhetoric through building personal relationships between Christians and Muslims. One of the leaders of the movement is Rev. Josh Graves, pastor of an evangelical megachurch.

Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life – What if scientists listening for it finally found it? — somewhere out there in the billions of universes and galaxies beyond our own.  How would finding real ET’s affect our religious beliefs? What might it tell us about ourselves? Lucky Severson talked with several “cosmo-theologians.”  One told him he thought the chances of there being ET’s are so good it would be a miracle if there is not other life.

Holocaust Survivor Shabbat – Jews around the world commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on May 5th.  At a time when few Holocaust survivors remain, survivor Lola Byron shares her experience with teens at a Sabbath dinner aimed at encouraging future generations to know their history and be proud of the Jewish faith.



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