Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – May 27, 2016

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Candidates Reach Out To Evangelical – With evangelicals—a mainstay of the Republican coalition—divided over whether to support Donald Trump, Kim Lawton reports that both Trump and Hillary Clinton reached out to that community through video messages to an important Latino evangelical conference. Lawton looks at how Trump is ramping up efforts to secure evangelical support and interviews Trump campaign advisor Frank Amedia, a religious broadcaster and pastor of Touch Heaven Ministries in Ohio.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps Experience – The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.  It is one of several church-related organizations around the country that gives young college graduates a chance to change their lives by living simply in community with other volunteers and serving those in need.  Deborah Potter reports on one JVC community in Scranton, Pennsylvania where the volunteers spoke about how their years’ experience working with the needy and living together has affected them.  One told her, “I see the presence of God in all of my clients so profoundly. You’re told that you have Christ inside us but I never actually saw it until I came here.”

Christian Health Insurance – There are a number of Christian health sharing ministries throughout the U.S.  They are different from insurance companies in that they collect monthly dues and distribute the money to subscribers with medical bills.  Lucky Severson reports on the pros and cons of these programs and visits one, Samaritan Ministries that covers more than 60,000 families – 200,000 people – who contribute to a common fund and then share their medical costs.



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