Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – June 17, 2016

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Religious Responses to Orlando Massacre – In the wake of the massacre at a gay nightclub, we report on responses from the faith community, including condemnations of the violence, demonstrations of interfaith solidarity, debate about fighting terrorism, calls for stricter gun control and new discussions about religion and homosexuality.

Evangelicals and Donald Trump – On June 21, Donald Trump has planned an invitation-only, closed-door meeting in New York with 500 evangelical leaders. Evangelicals have voted overwhelmingly Republican. While Trump has some support in the conservative Christian community, there are also lingering concerns about his character and suitability to be president. Kim Lawton looks at evangelical divisions over Trump and the potential election fall-out.

Salt Lake City Refugee Resettlement – At least 30 Governors have said they don’t want Syrian refugees to come to their state. But Utah, a red, conservative state, not only welcomes refugees but has resettled 60,000. Correspondent Lucky Severson reports from Salt Lake City on why Utah has a history of welcoming strangers and what religious groups are doing to help out.



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