Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – July 15, 2016

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Violence, Law Enforcement, Race and Justice – Amid this week’s interfaith memorial service for the slain police officers in Dallas and ongoing protests against police killings of black men, many faith leaders have been calling for dramatic changes in race relations, law enforcement policies and the pursuit of justice. Host Bob Abernethy and Managing Editor Kim Lawton talk about the current challenges and prospects for healing with Lisa Sharon Harper of the Christian social justice group Sojourners and author of The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can be Made Right.

Catholic Deacons – In the Roman Catholic Church, laymen called deacons may perform some duties of priests, such as presiding at baptisms, marriages and funerals. Currently, only men are allowed to be Catholic deacons. Pope Francis recently said he would establish a commission to study whether the diaconate should be opened to women as well. Judy Valente reports on the role of deacons and efforts to see women included in that role.

Virginia Theological Seminary’s New Organ — At the Virginia Theological Seminary, a fire in 2010 destroyed the chapel and its beloved, 100-year-old pipe organ.  Its replacement has now been built from scratch by Taylor and Boody in Staunton, Virginia.  It is another mechanical pipe organ, nothing electronic, and it has received rave reviews.  Seminary professor William Roberts describes the new instrument as “an organ that sings.”



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