The beginner’s guide to Demon GO!

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Illustration of a man fighting a demon.

Photo courtesy of Doppelganger4 via Shutterstock

Illustration of a man fighting a demon.

(RNS) Pokémon GO is bringing augmented reality to the mainstream, but dominionist Pentecostals have been practicing a version since 2001. Now the minds behind the New Apostolic Reformation are taking a page from the video game and releasing their own mobile app: Demon GO! Here’s what you need to know about the latest religious craze:

What’s the goal of the game (and life)?

Jesus expects his believers to take back America and all of earth for him and his kingdom. Good Christians must take back control of important institutions and all geographic regions for God’s dominion. One of the first steps is building an army of apostles to overtake the U.S. government.

Great, but what’s the catch?

Demons, of course! Those pesky creatures are roaming all over, making it hard for God’s agents to rule the planet in accordance with his divine will. Binding territorial demons is the heart of Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare (SLSW) strategy to Make America God’s Again.

How exactly does the app work?

  1. Download the free Demon GO on Apple’s iOS or Android (In-app purchases are separate, and help fund important TV ministries)
  2. Bind demons by casting pray-balls at them wherever you go during your normal daily routine: public school, grocery store liquor aisle, etc.
  3. As you capture more advanced demons, level up your SLSW ranking.
  4. Once you reach the Prophet level, head to a DemonGOPortal (check your local Planned Parenthood, ACLU office, or Unitarian Universalist church) and take on your local society’s biggest threats!

Does defeating demons really make a difference?

Consider two examples. A group of Demon GO backers declared in 2011 that “A chain of powerful prophecies had proclaimed that Texas was ‘The Prophet State,’ anointed by God to lead the United States into revival and Godly government” and then-Governor Rick Perry would “have a special role” to play. Perhaps “America’s Taliban” didn’t level up enough before that prophecy, but you be the judge.