25 reasons to actually go to worship this August

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Megachurch worship - Photo by Mor via Flickr (http://bit.ly/1kHq3J1)

Megachurch worship - Photo by Mor via Flickr (http://bit.ly/1kHq3J1)

(RNS) When you think about August, what images pop into your head? Beaches, back-to-school shopping and one last family road trip? Certainly not sitting in worship. There are no major religious holidays in August. Your worship leader is probably on vacation herself. But there are still good reasons to get out of the pool and into the pews. Here are the twenty-five best:

  • Free air-conditioning
  • Less hands to shake with your sweaty palms
  • Quell your summer wedding-induced loneliness
  • Lord your attendance over the folks who only show up after Labor Day
  • [Insert name of the person in your congregation who annoys you] might not be there
  • Pray for the eternal success of your upcoming NFL tailgating
  • Atone for missing [insert your least favorite religious holiday]
  • Hear what your preacher will dare to say when she’s under less pressure than usual
  • Attempt to make your swim-suit appropriate enough to go straight to the pool after worship without a wardrobe change
  • Double God points!
  • Mark your territory in the pews
  • The church will watch your kids… at least for an hour
  • Easier to imagine hell in one hundred degree heat outside
  • Assuage your guilt for not attending in July
  • Ten months until you’re asked to volunteer at Vacation Bible School again
  • Find more Pokémon
  • Share your entire life story during community prayer
  • Count the Olympics analogies in the sermon
  • Escape politics (but not really)
  • Avoid feeling guilty for sleeping through nonexistent Sunday school
  • Maybe they’ll finally play the obscure hymn you keep requesting
  • Worship moved to your local park? Pick a swing!
  • Haze your guest preacher by telling her your church always sings the Eucharist
  • Let’s be honest, the beach isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Worshiping God shouldn’t feel like work. If you’re in the need of a break, perhaps it’s time to find a new faith community.

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