Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – August 12, 2016

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Sunni-Shia Harmony – In many parts of the world, Sunni and Shia Muslims are locked in bloody conflicts. But here in the United States, members of the two major branches of Islam live side-by-side in relative harmony. Kim Lawton traveled to South Florida to speak with members of both communities about their similarities, differences and relations with each other. She also interviewed experts on the practice of Islam in America about why the situation is different here.

Minnesota Lama – There is a nine year old boy in a suburb of Minneapolis who is training to be a Buddhist priest.  And not just any Buddhist priest.  Jalue Dorje has been recognized as the 8th re-incarnation of the first Takshem Lama, who lived in the 16th century.  So along with getting ready for 4th grade, Jalue is also preparing to go live in a Himalayan monastery for about 10 years and then come back to be a spiritual leader for Minnesota’s 3000 or so Buddhist Tibetan-Americans.  Fred de Sam Lazaro tells the story.



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