Select group of Nigerian assembly members send letter to U.S. congress

Plea for quick confirmation of U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria

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After meeting with staff from the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative yesterday in Nigeria to review 21CWI’s report “Nigeria: Fractured and Forgotten”, thirteen Members of the Nigerian National Assembly released a letter (excerpt below) asking members of the United States Congress to confirm the U.S Ambassador to Nigeria appointee in September session.

Most of the Nigerian National Assembly Members in attendance were from the areas affected by violence, and many of them have seen firsthand the devastation that has and continues to occur.

“We write as an informal group of Members of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to urge you to quickly confirm a United States Ambassador to Nigeria during the September session. As you are well aware, Nigeria is facing a series of critical issues including economic, security and humanitarian challenges.

The United States is one of our oldest and most longstanding valuable partners. As we continue to address issues of anti-corruption, defeating the terrorist organization Boko Haram, rehabilitating the 2.2 million Internally Displaced Persons and building a strong economy, a fully confirmed United States Ambassador to Nigeria would significantly strengthen these ongoing endeavors. This would further extend our robust bilateral partnership, trade agreements and efforts to address terrorism.

We stand with our Nigerian government which we believe is actively working to build a vibrant and unified country, and that Nigeria will continue to remain one of the leading countries on the continent We believe that the confirmation of a United States Ambassador to Nigeria would be the surest way to ensure that the ongoing United States economic and security interests will be best represented as Nigeria works to positively move forward.

We therefore write to strongly urge you to confirm an Ambassador during the September session.”


Honorable Beni Lar, Langtang North/South Federal Constituency

Honorable Bulus Solomon Maren, Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency

Honorable Shehu N. Garba, Jem’a/Sanga Federal Constituency

Honorable Gaza J. Gbefwi, Karu/Keffi and Kokona Federal Constituency

Honorable Simon Y. Arabo, Kauru Federal Constituency

Honorable Golu Timothy, Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency

Honorable Ezekiel A. Adaji, Otukpo/Ohimini Federal Constituency

Senator Danjuma La’ah, Kaduna South Federal Constituency

Honorable Sunday Katung, Azngo/Jaba Federal Constituency

Honorable Samsn Okwu, Oju/Obi Federal Constituency

Honorable Adamu O. Entonu, Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency

Honorable Gideon Gwani, Kaura Federal Constitutency

Honorable Istifanus D. Gyang, Barkin Ladi/Riyon Federal Constituency



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