Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – September 23, 2016

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New African American Museum – The Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture opens on September 24th in Washington. Kim Lawton reports on the many ways it portrays the role of faith and spirituality in the African American experience. She also talks with religious leaders about the impact they hope the new museum will have.

Fixing Up Shantytowns of Tijuana Lucky  Severson reports on Paula Claussen, a retired travel agent in San Diego who was shocked when she saw the housing in the worst parts of nearby Tijuana.  So she decided to build sturdy houses for the poorest families in the neighborhood.  She recruited locals and other volunteers and so far, they have put up nearly 1300 little homes – 44 of them in one day.  They call their work Project Mercy.

Belief & Practice: Amidah Prayer – The Amidah is the central prayer in the Jewish tradition recited three times a day, and on Shabbat and holidays. Rabbi Shira Stutman, of the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in DC, explains this is a spiritual time to be in silent conversation with God and ask for protection, health and peace.



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