CONTENT CHANGE – Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – October 14, 2016

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Content change for Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly #2007. Please note that David Gibson, Religion News Service reporter, replaces Kim Lawton as correspondent in the Religious Debate and the Campaign segment. The listing for the other segments remain the same.


Religious Debate and the Campaign – With less than four weeks until the election, faith groups continue to respond to the presidential candidates and their campaigns.  The release of a tape with sexually offensive comments from Donald Trump has provoked vigorous debate among many evangelicals, conservative Catholics and Mormons.  Host Bob Abernethy and David Gibson, Religion News Service reporter  discuss some of the religious responses and their likely effects.

Fighting Human Trafficking – An American undercover agent, a Mormon volunteer, travelled all over the world to fight those buying and selling children.  Correspondent Dan Lothian reports that it’s estimated that the child trafficking business generates profits of more than 150 billion dollars a year. Tim Ballard, a former government agent, founded Operation Underground Railroad to rescue young children from criminal traffickers, counting on a “higher power” to keep him and his team safe.

Old Skool Café – There is a restaurant in San Francisco that not only serves good food but also trains former prison inmates to run it.  More than three out of four of the staff have been in prison.  Lucky Severson reports on a former corrections officer, Susan Brown, who felt called to help former prisoners, especially the young ones, stay off the streets.  She quit her job and started a small restaurant staffed by former prisoners, especially the young ones, where they learn the skills needed to finish school and find jobs.  More than 300 former inmates have graduated.



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