Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – October 21, 2016

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Election 2016: Catholic Voters – As part of the program’s ongoing election coverage, Kim Lawton looks at Catholic voters. In 2012, Catholics were almost evenly divided between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and sharp divisions remain this cycle as well. Lawton reports on the variety of issues Catholic voters are stressing, and the efforts of both campaigns to reach out to them.

Liberian Entrepreneur Chid Liberty – In Liberia, still recovering from civil war and the ebola crisis, most people remain in deep poverty, partly because its economy has been largely dependent on exporting their raw materials, not finished products.  But a creative American is changing that.  His name is Chid Liberty. He’s Liberian born and raised in Wisconsin.  He says he was happy in the U.S. until he felt a call to go back to Liberia and start a factory.  Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on Liberty’s success, in spite of Liberia’s many problems.  Chid told Fred, “I realized that without going back to Liberia I would never really know who I am …”



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