Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – October 28, 2016

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Election 2016: Candidates’ Religious Backgrounds – Hillary Clinton is a United Methodist. Donald Trump identifies himself as a Presbyterian. Tim Kaine is a Roman Catholic. And Mike Pence describes himself as “Christian, conservative and Republican—in that order.” In the next of our special election reports, Kim Lawton examines the religious backgrounds of the major party candidates and looks at how that influences their politics.

The Meaning of Peace in the Qur’an – While an enormous amount has been written over the centuries about the Qur’an, the idea of peace in the sacred book of Islam, believed by Muslims to have been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in 610, has been overlooked, according to University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole. We spoke with him at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC where he explained, “The Qur’an says one of the names of God is peace. If God is peace, and if the revelation of the Qur’an to Muhammad is peace, then peace is pretty central to this book.”



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