New edition of ‘Celebrating Marriage’ helps couples prepare the wedding liturgy

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PORTLAND, Ore.— The new Order for Celebrating Matrimony comes into required use December 30, 2016. Promulgated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2016, these changes mark the first major revision to the English-language marriage rite since 1970.

OCP responds to these changes with a brand new edition of Celebrating Marriage: Preparing the Roman Catholic Wedding Liturgy. To ensure those preparing the liturgy have what they need by the mandated use by date, OCP is now taking preorders at This invaluable step-by-step resource for preparing wedding liturgies is a must-have for engaged couples and others involved in the marriage rite.

Editor Paul Covino guides you through the prayers and rites of the new Order for Celebrating Matrimony, and Elaine Rendler-McQueeney provides advice on music for the liturgy. John Buscemi guides parishes and couples in creating a beautiful, yet prayerful church environment for the celebration. As for the Scripture readings, the work of the late Lawrence Madden, SJ, was preserved so that everyone concerned will have a deep appreciation of the readings from the Bible.

The step-by-step workbook includes a complete planning guide, sample orders of service and musical suggestions.

“These elements can make the preparation of the celebration a moment of joy, free from the confusion that can cloud the joy of this important event,” said Glenn Byer, OCP’s worship publications manager.

“Set aside time to prepare the wedding liturgy together,” Covino says in the introduction. “You may have heard in marriage preparation sessions that communication is vitally important to a healthy marriage; let the process of preparing the wedding liturgy be an opportunity to practice that skill.”

All preorders ship in mid-December. For more information, go to


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