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Marcus Mumford & the trouble with labels

(RNS) Labels can be helpful when, for instance, applied to cans of soup or barrels of toxic waste. But they are less so when affixed to human beings — particularly when labels are meant to summarize one’s spiritual identity.

COMMENTARY: Finding faith on Facebook

c. 2008 Religion News Service

(UNDATED) What began with simple curiosity has, in a few short weeks, become something deeply meaningful. And it all happened on Facebook. Like many folks who skew more toward Generation X than Generation Z, I started my foray on Facebook as an exercise in ennui-abatement. I went looking for college and high school friends, more to see how many kids they had and whether they’d lost their hair than any higher purpose.

COMMENTARY: A missed opportunity

c. 2008 Religion News Service

CHICAGO _ It would be so refreshing to pick up the newspaper and see a story about my alma mater on the front page that didn’t make me cringe. There’s plenty of good news _ like the story of senior and defensive end on the Thunder football team Andy Studebaker, who recently became the first Wheaton (Ill.) College player ever taken in the NFL draft. He’s heading to the Philadelphia Eagles. Then there’s the front-page story in Monday’s (April 28) Chicago Sun-Times about Kent Gramm, a professor for 20 years in Wheaton’s English department, who has lost his job because his 30-year marriage is ending in divorce.