World Youth Day pilgrims take video and photos at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro July 22. The peak rises more than 1,000 feet, overlooking Rio and the Atlantic Ocean. Photo by Tyler Orsburn/courtesy Catholic News Service

Pope Francis rests ahead of busy week in Brazil

(RNS) Francis is in Brazil for World Youth Day, an international gathering of young Catholics initiated by Pope John Paul II. He said aboard his plane that he’s concerned about the plight of young people, especially those growing up jobless and isolated in a poor economy.

Mayan Calendar 2012

Mayans unfazed about the end of the world

(RNS) Folks seeking spiritual experiences are pouring into the Yucatan Peninsula for the end of the centuries-long Mayan calendar that some believe predicted the end of the world Friday. The Mayan people here appear to be bemused. By David Agren / USA Today.