Quote of the Day: Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory

“Churches and other places of worship are intended to be sanctuaries — holy sites where people come to pray and to worship God. In this nation of ours, they have seldom been the locations where violence has disrupted the otherwise peaceful atmosphere. Yet even those occasions — rare as they may be — are not sufficient reasons to allow people to bring more weapons into God’s house.” — Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, announcing that he will not allow guns in Catholic churches under a new Georgia law.

May/June Religion Calendar

Note: Holidays that begin at sundown continue through sundown the next day, unless otherwise noted. This calendar will be updated in two-month increments throughout 2014. May 1
National Day of Prayer

National Day of Reason

May 2-4
Alliance of Baptists: annual gathering, Portland, Maine. Contact: Carole Collins at 866-745-7609, ext. 202; email: carole(at)allianceofbaptists.org; website: www.allianceofbaptists.org

May 4-6
Evangelical Press Association: annual convention, Anaheim, Calif.

Quote of the Day: The National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Equating baptism to an act of torture like waterboarding is sacrilegious – and particularly surprising coming from you as someone who has publicly professed your Christian faith. — The Rev. Ron Stief, executive director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, in an open letter for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin after she told the NRA’s annual meeting that “If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists.”