"Dali" is one of the pieces that will be featured in the June 18 opening exhibit of Samra Habib's photography at the Toronto Public Library.

PHOTOS: “Just Me and Allah” explores queer Muslim identity

Washington (RNS) Photographer Samra Habib’s exhibit, “Just Me and Allah,” opens at the Toronto Public Library on June 18. Learn more about Habib and her work by reading RNS Correspondent Omar Sacirbey’s article, and, If you can’t attend the exhibit in-person, don’t worry, RNS has you covered with a gallery of 10 images that will be featured at the exhibit. (Click on any photo to begin the slideshow.)

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Exploring Utah’s most popular tourist attraction

On June 9, 1856, 500 Mormons left Iowa and headed west for Salt Lake City, transporting their belongings in two-wheeled carts. Almost four decades later, in 1893, the Mormons completed construction on Salt Lake Temple, located in Temple Square, which today attracts from 3 to 5 million tourists each year. The site is the state’s most popular tourist attraction and garners more visitors than the Grand Canyon. Video courtesy of LDS Vids via YouTube