The new New Testament sets a high standard

Independent Scholar and Literary Structure expert, Anne Sugano, has created a new kind of New Testament that sets a new standard. Instead of using chapters, the books are divided by “parables.” Though the majority of biblical texts do not look like or feel like parables at all, Sugano says all of the texts have been written using an underlying literary structure based on the parable.

New OCP website launch marks the latest step in unifying efforts

This week, established Catholic music publisher OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) will launch its newly designed website,, on August 19. The enhanced site is the latest step in their efforts to unify, and; making it easier for music ministers and everyday users to discover the latest contemporary, multicultural and liturgical music all in one place.

Opium poppy

Success and truth in religion

Conservative churches – not just liberal ones – are also seeing a decline in membership. We might now once again need to observe that “success does not certify truth” in church life.


United Methodist Women stands against North Carolina’s “HB2” law

United Methodist Women is standing with members and mission partners in North Carolina protesting state’s HB 2 law. The organization will hold an action against HB2 in January 2017 during its Leadership Development Days training in Charlotte, and will move the May 2017 training for its Mission u program study leaders from Charlotte to Jacksonville, Florida, in protest of the law.

Jewish entrepreneur, Christian missionary, launch $500,000 prize in Africa.

Announcing the $500,000 Rabbi Erica and Mark Gerson L’Chaim (“To Life”) Prize, an annual award for Outstanding Christian Medical Missionary Service–the largest-ever in clinical patient care.The historic prize, inspired by the response to a New York Times column, springs from a friendship between former college roommates: New York entrepreneur Mark Gerson and Dr. Jon Fielder, a Christian missionary living in Kenya.