Religious leaders at COP22 call for addendum to Paris Agreement: 33 percent reductions in greed, hatred and ignorance

Religious leaders who gathered at the UNFCCC Climate Conference COP 22 in Marrakech called for an addendum to the Paris Agreement to help nations meet their climate reduction goals. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the religious delegation at the COP 22 proposed efforts to mitigate human greed, ignorance and hatred of the “other” — which are at the root of the devastating climate crisis.

TelePastor launches unprecedented campaign, offering millions of dollars in free services to 100,000 Churches.

The creator of TelePastor, My Client Notes, LLC, is honored to announce an unprecedented offer, committing to give away several million dollars in free 60-day trials of its video conferencing services. The platform solves vital issues that pastors and church counselors face when scheduling and maintaining confidentiality in their counseling ministry. TelePastor is an affordable, easy to use program that gives small groups, ministries, and church teams the ability to comfortably connect with their people.

Election Aftermath: Faith & the Common Good

Now that the bitterly contested presidential election is behind us, how can we bring the country closer together as the transition of power unfolds? We’ve organized an expert panel discussion described below and welcome you to join us for an edifying and inspiring discussion. Panelists include:

Dr. Mark Silk
Director, Leonard Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life and Professor of Religion in Public Life, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Dr. Silk is a Religion News Service columnist for Spiritual Politics

Dr. Charlie Camosy
Associate Professor, Theology Department, Fordham University, Bronx, NY.  Dr. Camosy also writes for Religion News Service.


Bestselling ‘Something Other Than God’ is (paper)back

In the bestselling hardcover edition of her autobiography, SOMETHING OTHER THAN GOD, Jennifer Fulwiler told her humorous, uplifting story about her journey from lifelong unbelief to faith and an intimate relationship with Jesus and the Catholic Church, joining science, faith and reason in an engrossing read that’s now in its fourth printing.

Veteran publishers launch a movement toward better Bible reading

A team of executives from the Bible publishing industry has come together to form the Institute for Bible Reading (IFBR), an organization focused on combating the silent crisis of Bible disengagement. Research continues to confirm that meaningful Bible engagement is declining despite greater Bible access than ever. The group is committed to changing the prevailing assumptions and practices around Bible reading, which they claim perpetuate a hyper-individualized and fragmented Bible-reading experience.


‘Famous Nathan’ book & author talk

“Famous Nathan” chronicles the extraordinary life of an immigrant looking for a better life for himself and his family. Nathan’s story provides a window into the immigrant experience, detailing the inner workings of successful business and portraying the riotous landscape of Coney Island during the glory years of the 20th Century.