Baptist minister explores faith, politics & Trump

The latest book from award-winning author Brian Kaylor explores issues of religion and politics in the 2016 presidential campaign. Kaylor, a Baptist minister with a Ph.D. in political communication, wrote Vote Your Conscience: Party Must Not Trump Principles to make the case why pastors should not endorse a candidate in this election with the two least popular nominees in polling history.


Your days should be numbered

Chene Heady was a devout Catholic whose daily concerns were shaped primarily by forces other than his faith: career demands as a college professor, financial decisions, scheduling conflicts, etc. He worked long hours, and had limited regular interaction with his wife, also a busy professional, and young daughter. He was the typical overextended and anonymous modern Catholic man — until he tried a fascinating experiment that drastically rearranged his life, which he chronicles in his encouragingly honest memoir


The Mormon moment and others

The purpose of this exercise in time-measurement terminology is … to suggest that people may profitably invest in some of those in their own era, age, and moment, and gain perspective for what is before them.


A response to Cry of the Earth

Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, editor of Spiritual Ecology: Cry of the Earth, offers a second edition including essays from a new generation of environmental stewards. First published in 2013 and having sold over 16,000 copies, the groundbreaking Spiritual Ecology calls for—and offers—a spiritual response to our current ecological crisis.

U.S. health crisis looming: Malteser International Americas urges congress to reconvene to combat Zika virus

In a second letter sent to Congressional leaders and the Florida delegation today, Miami-based humanitarian organization Malteser International Americas has called on the U.S. Congress to cut short its summer recess to pass Zika virus prevention and treatment funding without further delay. “We teach our children to eat their vegetables before they can have dessert. We tell them to finish their homework before meeting up with friends or playing on their smartphones. The protocol for Congress should be no different,” said Ravi Tripptrap, Executive Director of Malteser International Americas. “The golf course isn’t going anywhere, but the Zika virus is on the move in the United States, first in Florida and now in Illinois. Congress must return to work now.”

Malteser International Americas has been on the front lines of the Zika outbreak in northern Colombia since it first became a threat to pregnant women and children, providing Zika Prevention Kits and educating those in the poorest, most forgotten regions where new cases are diagnosed on a daily basis.