The Slingshot: Catholic women deacons; Biblical flood mosaics; Islam’s new paradise



Need to know: 08/03/2016

The deaconess detail

Pope Francis names panel to study ordaining women deacons

The seven-man, six-woman panel quickly reignited the simmering debate about the role of women in the church. More from Religion News Service

Pro no choice

Knights of Columbus head says Catholics cannot vote for abortion advocates

The leader of the conservative Catholic group reignites a flashpoint for Catholic politicians. More from Religion News Service

Does he deserve it?

Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church bomber seeks parole

The last living convicted bomber in one of the most notorious terrorist attacks in American history is asking a parole board to let him die a free man. More from CNN

Lethal force

Nigerian soldiers may be prosecuted in killings of hundreds of Shiites

A judicial commission determined that 347 people had been buried in a mass grave in northern Nigeria after clashes in December between the military and members of a sect known as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. More from

Cis Pontiff

Pope: It’s ‘terrible’ children are being taught they can choose gender

Francis says he discussed gender choice with his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who called it a “sin against God the Creator.” More from

Bonus tracks

Digging up the past

Noah’s Ark mosaic uncovered in ancient Galilee synagogue

The mosaic includes pairs of bears, donkeys, leopards, camels, lions, ostriches and snakes, just as described in the Book of Genesis. More from Religion News Service

Not digging up the past

Olympic media village built on ‘sacred’ mass grave of African slaves

Descendants of slaves accuse developers of riding roughshod over history by destroying archaeological remains at site where journalists will stay for the Games. More from

We shall read a graphic novel

John Lewis, ‘March’ team talk about faith and civil rights

The third volume of the graphic novel based on the respected congressman’s civil rights career was just released. More from Religion News Service

More Khan fallout

Muslims in the military: The few, the proud, the welcome

Thousands of Muslims have served in the military since at least the Civil War, but they make up a disproportionately small portion of the force. More from

Dying to be happy

Paradise, the new Muslim utopia

Paradise is described in mind-boggling detail by preachers, imams and Islamist fantasy literature. Its main selling point: women, who are promised in vast numbers as a reward for the righteous. More from