The Slingshot: EU prayers, Christian seders and Noah’s Ark


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Need to know: 04/26/2016

Passover ain't over

Should Christians hold seders?

Christians increasingly find deep meaning in Jewish traditions, especially the ritual Passover meal. More from RNS

Religious freedom for the devil

A satanic movement seeks political change

The Satanic Temple and the motion picture studio behind "The Witch" are holding screenings of the film followed by politically driven rituals. More from RNS

Should i stay or should i go?

Private: Church of England issues EU prayer

Nine lines of prayer designed to help British voters determine future relationship with the European Union More from The Guardian

Weird science

Scientology leader threatens lawsuit against father

David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, wants to stop a new tell-all memoir by his father. More from

Textbook religion

Teaching Hinduism in California schools

A group of scholars is threatening to downgrade, and in many cases remove, the terms India and Hinduism, from California schoolbooks. More from RNS




Bonus tracks

Forfeiture case gone wrong

Oklahoma cops return $53,000 to a Christian band

The Klo and Kweh Music Team, from Burma, were touring the United States to raise money for a school and an orphanage. More from

‘God, the Rod, and Your Child’s Bod’

Librarians remove the worst books of all time

How Berkeley librarians sparked controversy by “weeding” the collection of ill-conceived titles. More from The New Yorker

Gold medal in creative archeology

‘Noah’s Ark’ to sail from Netherlands to Brazil

"Johan’s Ark," a fully-functioning replica of Noah’s boat, will reach Brazil in time for the Olympics. More from USA TODAY

Maple leaf brag

Atheist pastor sparks debate

A United Church of Canada minister's job is on the line. She said she does not believe in "a theistic, supernatural being called God.” More from The Guardian

Faith-based inspiration

Tobi Kahn’s soulful art is for Jews — and non-Jews too

The New York artist is one of the least easily compartmentalized contemporary fine artists doing faith-based work. More from RNS