The Slingshot: A Muslim judge; White male-dominated ministries; Pilgrimages in Mecca and Italy.


Need to know: 09/07/2016

Symbolic at least

President Obama nominates first-ever Muslim federal judge

D.C. lawyer Abid Qureshi still needs to be confirmed by a Republican-dominated Senate that is blocking the president’s nominees. More from

Nothing new under the sun

White male leadership persists at evangelical ministries

Only one of 33 major national parachurch groups contacted for this article is led by a woman. And only three are led by nonwhite males. More from Religion News Service

In memoriam

Reaction to the death of Phyllis Schlafly

How she is being remembered by fans and critics. More from Religion News Service

Meccan mystery

How one of the deadliest hajj accidents unfolded

A multimedia exploration, through the eyes of a survivor, of a stampede the Saudi government has not explained. More from

Interfaith conspiracy

Indictment claims Gülen secretly made cardinal by John Paul II

The prosecutor says the “in pectore” appointment happened after the controversial Turkish imam met the pope in 1998. More from Turkish Minute

Bonus tracks

The get

Time Inc. to host global forum Featuring Pope Francis

The pontiff will give the closing address at a forum in Rome on the global economy. More from

As we remember 9/11

Islamophobia diminishes the US and must be resisted

“Terrorists speak for Muslims no more than the Ku Klux Klan speaks for Christians,” an evangelical pastor from Texas and a retired Marine Corps commandant write in a commentary. More from Religion News Service

Trying to do no harm

Trampling on health care providers’ consciences

History teaches us to protect a health care provider’s right to refuse to participate in controversial medical practices, writes ethicist Charles Camosy. More from Religion News Service

Smart critic

Elizabeth Smart is challenging the way the Mormon church talks about women and sex

The woman who was abducted by kidnappers at age 14 says a religious emphasis on purity can be harmful. More from The Cut

The other way

On the Via Francigena in Tuscany, monasteries and fellowship

This ancient pilgrimage route does not have the high profile of the Camino de Santiago, but it has rewards of its own (quiet among them). More from