The Slingshot: Arson at Orlando mosque; Muslim woman set afire; love lives of the popes


Need to know: 09/13/2016

Hate crime I

Arson suspected at mosque that Orlando nightclub gunman attended

The blaze was set on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and the day before an important Muslim holiday. More from

Hate Crime II

Traditionally dressed Muslim woman set on fire in possible hate crime

A Scottish tourist wearing traditional Muslim garb had her blouse set on fire in a bizarre incident outside a pricey Manhattan boutique. More from NY Daily News

Popes are people too

‘The Loves of the Popes’ and the Vatican’s new normal

A new book Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI leads to a discussion on the popes and their romantic attractions. More from Religion News Service

Pass the tofu

On Eid al-Adha, questioning Muslims’ passion for meat

Muslim vegetarians find plenty in Islamic teaching to support their choices, but many co-religionists insist on a connection between faith and meat. More from Religion News Service


Texas evangelist and philanthropist Howard E. Butt Jr. dies

Butt -- the folksy voice of one-minute radio spots titled, “The High Calling of Our Daily Work” -- was 89. More from San Antonio Express-News

Bonus tracks


How to Celebrate Eid al-Adha Like an American

Many Muslims feared the holiday might fall on 9/11 this year, and that others would mistakenly think they were celebrating a tragedy, writes Wajahat Ali. More from

Calling them out

Anti-Semitism and the British left

The New York Times editorializes on the Labour Party’s apparent unwillingness to confront bias toward Jews within it ranks. More from

‘The C9’

Going behind the scenes with the pope’s sounding board

Meet Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinal Advisors, which he consults on most of his important decisions. More from


What Should American Jews Make of Ivanka Trump?

She’s the Orthodox daughter of David Duke’s favorite candidate for president. More from The Atlantic

Holding their noses

At evangelical gathering, conservative Christians slow to embrace Trump

But a steadily growing number now view Donald Trump as their only chance at reasserting conservative influence on the Supreme Court. More from