The Slingshot: Baton Rouge’s rude awakening; evangelical prayer; gay bishop


Need to know: 07/18/2016

The new Ferguson?

Baton Rouge struggles to understand police shooting

“There’s been so much bad news,” said an LSU student. “Cops shooting people, people shooting cops. People are overwhelmed.” More from

DC tent revival

Evangelicals gather for prayer rally in Washington

With their calls for prayer and unity, speakers focused on spiritual rather than concrete solutions to the nation’s problems. More from Religion News Service

Ally turned suspect

US-based Turkish cleric says he’d accept extradition

Fethullah Gulen, a former Erdogan ally who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, has denied involvement in the failed coup. More from Religion News Service

Not waiting for permission

United Methodist Church elects first openly gay bishop

San Francisco pastor Karen Oliveto was elected bishop in defiance of church prohibitions on homosexuality. More from

Glamor’s underbelly

Attack in Nice turns spotlight on city’s religious divisions

Muslims and non-Muslims lived alongside each other in relative peace for generations, but that has begun to change. More from

Bonus tracks

Forget hell; heaven’s the thing

Why do so many ‘nones’ believe in life after death?

Thirty-two percent of atheists, agnostics, and people of no religion believe there is life after death. More from Religion News Service

Not just Bernie

In Vermont, a Jewish community rises like the mountains

The Stowe congregation is among a number of young Jewish communities flourishing across the state. More from

Wealth as evidence of greatness

How the prosperity gospel explains Donald Trump’s popularity with Christian voters

Trump courted the leading lights of the prosperity faith well before he made the rounds at evangelical gatherings. More from

Religious inquisition

A lesson for Newt Gingrich: What Shariah is (and isn’t)

To ask a faithful Muslim if he or she “believes in” Shariah is essentially to ask if he or she accepts God’s word, writes Noah Feldman. More from

A grim history

Beyond Anne Frank: The Dutch tell their full Holocaust story

Between 75 and 80 percent of the Netherlands’ Jews were killed during the war, the highest rate in Western Europe. More from