The Slingshot: Bible veto, assisted dying bill, and a debate gone awry


Need to know: 04/15/2016

Thou shalt not

Tennessee governor vetoes bill to make Bible state book

The bill's sponsors expect the legislature to override the veto. More from Religion News Service

We're not in Oregon anymore

Canada drafts assisted dying law that bans ‘suicide tourism’

The option to die with a doctor's prescription would only apply to Canadian adults suffering incurable illness. More from Religion News Service

Religious exception

The Citadel considers allowing a Muslim hijab

If the request for the Muslim headscarf is granted, it would be the first exception to the Citadel’s uniform. More from

A global stage

Political trip to Vatican? Not at all, Sanders tells Italian paper

He'll speak to a Vatican council on economic justice but says the church is not endorsing his presidential run. More from Religion News Service

Sexist workplace?

Gender bias may be part of Episcopal Church firings, ex-staffer says

Respect for women wasn't the norm at N.Y. headquarters. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

'For shame'

Terror is not debatable

An academic debate on the acceptability of Palestinian terror raises the question: Are there no limits? More from Martini Judaism

Enemy of my enemy

ISIS and the far-right have the same enemies list

The ISIS magazine lists U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, and Nihad Awad, the executive director of CAIR, as apostates. More from The Daily Beast

Love of Spanish and Hebrew

Shalom, amigo! New study sheds light on Latino Jews in US

The first survey of Latino American Jews finds them distinct within both communities. More from Religion News Service

As in, 'Muslim-American'

America’s greatest weapon against terrorism? The hyphen

A compound identity is what allows people to integrate, to acculturate, to cease being “The Other.” More from Religion News Service

Regarding Cecile Richards...

How Georgetown fosters a civil debate on abortion (COMMENTARY)

The conservative critique that Georgetown is not Catholic enough is weak and misinformed, says Jacob Lupfer. More from Religion News Service

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