The Slingshot: Biden meets pope; Brits debate anti-Semitism; Diane Rehm and right to die



Need to know: 04/29/2016

A shifting dynamic

Joe Biden, Pope Francis meet, talk cancer care

The vice president's warm reception at the Vatican contrasts with criticisms of his appearance next month at Notre Dame. More from Religion News Service

Nazi outbursts

Zionism and Hitler? A guide to the wild scandal rocking Britain’s left

 In the latest episode, Ken Livingstone, London's former mayor argued that criticizing Israel wasn't the same as anti-Semitism. More from

Turkey and Lebanon, not so much

Pew Poll: Wide differences in Muslim views on political Islam

Half or more of the respondents in four countries — Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Malaysia — said laws should strictly follow the Quran. More from ABC News

Seeking the common good

Evangelicals: We don’t have all the answers

“We want to create a place where Christians can wrestle with the difficult questions in our culture,” says Gabe Lyons, founder of the Christian conference called Q. More from Religion News Service

Finally, religion unites more than divides

Clinton v. Trump shrinks the God Gap

For the first time in years, gender matters more than religion in a presidential election, says columnist Mark Silk. More from Religion News Service


Bonus tracks

Musical balm for a weary world

Silence is key to nuns’ singing success

The mixture of silence and song is part of the 1,500-years-old Benedictine way of life for the nuns who issued their latest album this week. More from Religion News Service

Nope. Not the Bible

Book club invites evangelical conversation on hot-button topics

A Chicago congregation partners with a journalist to read and discuss a book on the future of the church. More from Religion News Service

A way out

Diane Rehm wants a national discussion of right to die

The talk-show host has written a memoir about her husband’s efforts to end his life with the help of a doctor's prescription. More from Religion News Service

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Pope’s first kids book explores life, God —and dancing

Loyola called on the Jesuits’ worldwide network to gather questions from children for new book, Dear Pope Francis More from Religion News Service

Soul searching

If not Trump, what?

"Trump will have his gruesome moment," says New York Times columnist David Brooks. "The time is best spent elsewhere, meeting the neighbors who have become strangers." More from