The Slingshot: Changing beliefs, Trump’s Christians, Peres hailed


Need to know: 09/29/2016

What the hell?

On God and heaven, Americans are all over the map

A new study suggests Americans as a whole hold seemingly incompatible beliefs on the nature of God and heaven. And that’s not all. More from Religion News Service

Drawing the line, moving the goalposts

Cool with contraception, Americans divide over transgender bathrooms and wedding services for gays

A Pew Research Center poll takes on the religious liberty versus discrimination question. More from Religion News Service

Wheat and chaff?

Trump jokes: ‘Raise your hand if you’re not a Christian conservative’

Donald Trump, touting the support he's received from evangelicals, called on his supporters at a rally in Iowa to identify themselves as "Christian conservatives." More from CNN

None of the above

Split over Donald Trump and cut off by culture wars, evangelicals despair

Long a reliable Republican voting bloc, many conservative evangelicals in central Iowa are appalled to find Trump their only alternative to Hillary Clinton. More from

Free the evangelicals!

Citing confusion, Springfield church changes name

The First Evangelical Free Church of Springfield became The Springs Church. A news release stated that “the old name would cause some confusion because people would think that the church was free from evangelicals, which is not the case at all.” More from Springfield News-Leader

Oh, and she’s a mother of three

How Rahaf Khatib became the first hijabi runner on the cover of a U.S. fitness magazine

Rahaf Khatib is featured on the cover of the October 2016 issue of Women's Running. More from NBC News

Bonus tracks

Plowshare peacemaker

Shimon Peres’ death moves religious leaders

Jewish, Christian and other religious leaders react to the passing of the Israeli statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner. More from Religion News Service

Treat, no tricks

Famous Halloween attraction closes after complaints from mental health advocates

Knott’s Berry Farm announced it is shutting its virtual reality Halloween attraction after concern among mental health advocates, including Saddleback pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, who sent an email to the park. More from The Orange County Register

Manifest destiny

Religion may motivate humanity’s future expansion into space

Religious fervor might beat nationalism, science and profit as a motivator for space travel, experts suggest. More from

Gee, who saw that coming?

How decades of divorce helped erode religion

Two widely recognized trends in American society might have something to do with each other: The children of the '80s divorces are growing up to be nonreligious adults. More from

Pane management

Confederate flag images quietly removed from National Cathedral

Cathedral officials decided ‘to just do it and get it done and move on to the next phase,’ a spokesman said. More from Religion News Service