The Slingshot: Churches and race, evangelicals and Trump, Spiritualism and pseudoscience


Need to know: 07/14/2016

Black Lives Matter

After recent shootings, white churches take stock on race

Some clergy are thinking that if they haven’t spoken out on racial injustice before, the time is now. More from Religion News Service

Religious (still) right

White evangelicals overwhelmingly back Trump, survey says

He’s not their dream candidate, but they prefer him to Clinton. More from Religion News Service

Sign of the times

‘God’s Not Dead 2’ billboard nixed at GOP convention after being called ‘incendiary’

There will, however, be a billboard advertising atheism at the Republican National Convention. More from The Hollywood Reporter

Religion in public life

European court backs woman dismissed in France for wearing head scarf

The advisory opinion released by the European Court of Justice does not fully settle the fraught issue of religious attire in the workplace. More from

‘Huge, love-Jesus rally’

‘Together’ is a modern-day evangelical revival

Complete with TED Talks, hip-hop and no politics, it might be one of the bigger Christian outreach events in decades. More from

Bonus tracks

City on a hill?

How Eric Metaxas manipulates the past to serve his political agenda

To suggest that religious freedom and religious tolerance have been the single most important principle of American life is flat-out wrong, says John Fea. More from Religion News Service

Spiritual healing

3 steps to overcoming a pastor’s moral failing

Asking for outside help, speaking honestly and proceeding humbly will go a long way toward binding up the brokenhearted, says Elizabeth Esther. More from Religion News Service

Who you gonna call?

Meet the real female Ghostbusters

From Spiritualism to today’s pseudoscientific approach, women (and technology) have been at the forefront of ghost hunting. More from Vocativ

Praise hands

Bible Gateway now lets users search the Bible using emoji

Bible Gateway has introduced a new feature that allows people to use more than 330 emoji in keyword searches ahead of World Emoji Day. More from Religion News Service

Real ‘wrath of God’-type stuff

The ‘Left Behind’ series was just the latest way America prepared for the Rapture

Nothing has captured conservative American evangelicalism at the turn of the century as well as “Left Behind.” More from