The Slingshot: Clinton’s ‘activist’ faith, conspiracy theories, end-times cat cult


Need to know: 09/09/2016

Sharing her testimony

Clinton describes her ‘activist, social justice faith’ to Baptists

Hillary Clinton quoted Scripture, hymns and even St. Francis of Assisi as she spoke at length about her faith — something she said doesn’t come naturally to a “Midwestern Methodist.” More from Religion News Service

‘The great moral challenge of our time’

Activists: West is ignoring genocide of Middle East religious minorities

The plight of Christians in the Middle East is all but ignored, say their advocates. More from Religion News Service

‘A model for healing’

Descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown call for a $1 billion foundation for reconciliation

A group of descendants of slaves sold by Jesuits in the 19th century to benefit Georgetown University called on both the university and Maryland Jesuits to do more to promote reconciliation after the horrors of slavery. More from

Under investigation

Up to 20 Marines could face disciplinary action over Muslim recruit’s death

Investigation into the death of a Muslim recruit from Michigan found a multitude of policy and procedural violations, including alleged physical and verbal abuse by drill instructors. More from

Where no show had gone before

‘Star Trek’ resistance is futile, even in the Vatican

A writer for the pope’s newspaper praises the famous show on its 50th anniversary — but more for its ethical message than its artistic accomplishment. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Apocalypse Meow

How a cult that believes cats are divine beings ended up in Tennessee

It’s the latest chapter in a complicated mash-up of spiritual experimentation, charismatic leadership and cute cat videos. More from Nashville Scene

Lowering one’s gaze

When did ‘modesty’ become a dirty word?

Why not let it all hang out? The Quran has the answer, says Tahir Nasser. More from Religion News Service


‘Hillbilly Elegy’: Best-selling author J.D. Vance on faith in Appalachia

“Church is increasingly something that is relatively confined to upper-income, well-educated people. I think that’s something people should recognize about the role of religious faith in this part of the world.” More from Religion News Service

The next generation

China’s tech-savvy, burned-out and spiritually adrift, turn to Buddhism

The leader of the Longquan Monastery has defended his approach, saying Buddhism can stay relevant only by embracing modern tools. More from

Break out the tinfoil hats

9/11 anniversary sparks new wave of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

Experts analyzing the theories and their spread say that some of the most persistent ones evoke an age-old anti-Semitic trope. More from The Forward