The Slingshot: Cruz halt, and a day for prayer and/or reason


Need to know: 05/04/2016

Cruise controlled

Cruz suspends campaign

After losing in Indiana, the candidate thanked God once again. More from Religion News Service

But it’s already Cinco de Mayo

Humanists push for a National Day of Reason

Can the National Day of Prayer make room? More from Religion News Service

Recognizing righteousness

Holocaust Museum to honor civil rights leader

Rep. John Lewis will get the prestigious Elie Wiesel Award. More from Religion News Service

Dress code

Court orders Texas prisons to allow Muslim beards, caps

State lawyers had argued that longer beards would become a “hotbed of contraband trafficking.” More from Trail Blazers Blog

Pray or pay

Should courts define religion?

A Massachusetts case could have repercussions on the tax-exempt status of religious organizations. More from The Atlantic

Bonus tracks


Families mourn American missionaries killed in Jamaica

Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel's bodies were found in bushes along a rural road last weekend. More from


Photojournalist of civil rights era dies

A preacher’s son who was also ordained, Bob Fitch turned his back on religion before chronicling the activities of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was 76. More from

A mindful comic

The inside story of Garry Shandling’s Buddhism

The monk who spoke at the comedian's funeral writes about Shandling's devotion to the faith. More from Lion's Roar

Preaching but not practicing?

Vegan restaurateurs caught eating meat

Celebrity-endorsed California cafe's owners said cows are part of "God’s plan as food for the predators.” More from the Guardian

Fallen angel

Indonesian villagers mistake inflatable sex doll for an angel

A fisherman found a blow-up doll, put a hijab on it and took it for a ride. Literally. More from Religion News Service