The Slingshot: Donald Trump and Christians. Churches as targets. Pastor burnout.


Need to know: 08/10/2016

Bait and switch

Trump is conning believers about his faith, author says

“Trump’s own words are aggressively antithetical to the teachings of the New Testament,” David Cay Johnston writes in a new book. More from Religion News Service


Trump to meet privately with 700 evangelical leaders in Florida this week

Trump is expected to address his plan to allow tax-exempt churches to engage in politicking; attendees want to talk religious exemptions. More from miamiherald

No shelter

Churches take new security measures in face of terror threats

Instead of offering sanctuary from evil, churches could in fact be attractive targets for terror. More from Fox News

Religious freedom

Egypt’s first ‘official’ Christian convert returns to Islam

After years of harassment and imprisonment, Mohamed Hegazy abandons his unprecedented legal quest. More from

Bloody Sunday priest

Edward Daly, peace-seeking bishop in Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles,’ dies at 82

For 30 years, Daly tried to negotiate between Ireland’s Protestants and Catholics. More from

Bonus tracks

Olympian charity

Tamika Catchings and Maya Moore mix hoops and help for the less fortunate

Team USA women’s basketball players Tamika Catchings and Maya Moore know about hard times, both on the court and off. More from Religion News Service

So helped me God

Laid-off journalist prayed before noticing Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism

“Nothing but the grace of God” helped Jarrett Hill uncover a scandal that rocked the GOP. More from Religion News Service

North of the border

Young immigrants to Canada passionate about spirituality

Millennial-age immigrants are more than twice as likely as Canadian-born residents to take part in religious activities. More from Vancouver Sun

The pastor’s wallet

Providing ‘a hand up’ to ministers struggling with credit card, student loan debt

Mental health, congregational politics and the decline of the American church take a back seat to the financial struggles causing minister burnout. More from


‘White trash’ — The original underclass

Two new books examine a group President Obama once described as holding on to God and their guns. More from