The Slingshot: Donald Trump, Mary Magdalene and Lucifer


Need to know: 07/22/2016

Focus on the candidate

James Dobson joins evangelicals for Trump

The endorsement further boosts the Republican nominee’s standing among evangelical voters. More from Religion News Service

What Would Francis Do?

US cardinal says ‘Christian nations’ in West must counter Islamic influx

Cardinal Raymond Burke says Islam “wants to govern the world” and Americans must respond by reasserting “the Christian origin of our own nation.” More from Religion News Service

Happy Feast Day!

Who was Mary Magdalene? New book explores the life of the saint

The biblical figure of Mary Magdalene has been "interpreted and misinterpreted," according to historian Michael Haag. More from Religion News Service

Worse than Pokemon

70,000 Muslim clerics just issued a fatwa against terrorism

Clerics said the terror groups were “not Islamic organizations” and said they were a threat to humanity. More from The Independent

Embracing the ‘Luciferian impulse’

Why a Satanic Temple member wants to perform rituals before a city council in the Bible Belt

To highlight what he sees as the injustice of a government-sanctioned religious message, David Suhor gives invocations that draw from Satanism and other religious traditions. More from

Bonus tracks

Instant analysis

My instant analysis of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech

What David Gushee heard from Trump: "An angry, defensive, populist, nationalist, law-and-order message." More from Religion News Service

Trumpian bargain

How Donald Trump divided and conquered evangelicals

Though Trump's hardly a model of Christianity, the vast majority of evangelicals say they'll vote for him — here's how he pulled that off. More from Rolling Stone

‘The party of Jesus meets a Muslim’

What happened when a Muslim tried to explain shariah at the RNC

Muslims often find themselves having to defend their faith to people who maintain the religion is inherently violent. More from Slate Magazine

Not everybody’s laughing

Why NARAL’s new video is ethically vapid

The online video NARAL Pro-Choice America released last week neatly exposed significant fault lines in abortion politics today, says Jacob Lupfer. More from Religion News Service

How much for the gladiator helmet?

Biblical sale: Christian theme park puts items on the block

The Holy Land Experience is selling scores of items, many of them Biblically themed, amid declining revenue and contributions. More from The Big Story