The Slingshot: Ex-pope’s defense. Evangelical-Catholic split. Colin Kaepernick conversion?


Need to know: 09/08/2016

Examination of conscience

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI speaks: ‘I do not see myself as a failure’

“A weak point of mine was maybe little resolve in governing and making decisions,” admits the ex-pontiff in a book-length interview out this week. More from

Staying put

Charlotte pastor who married same-sex couple will keep job, avoid church trial

The Rev. Val Rosenquist married John Romano and Jim Wilborne, who became the first same-sex couple in North Carolina to be wed -- at least publicly -- in a United Methodist church. More from charlotteobserver

Seek and ye shall find?

Veteran religion reporter looks for the Bible in public life

Ken Briggs documents his journey across America to find the Bible — and the “Bible-less Christianity” its disappearance has created — in his new book, “The Invisible Bestseller.” More from Religion News Service


Phyllis Schlafly and the future of ‘women’s issues’

Anyone who deems a liberal political objective “inevitable” hasn’t paid enough attention to the legacy of Phyllis Schlafly, writes Jennifer Marshall. More from Religion News Service

Reformation redux?

Evangelicals and conservative Catholics used to vote together

Donald Trump’s candidacy is revealing a startling political splintering of conservative Catholics and evangelicals, who have tracked side by side for decades. More from

Bonus tracks

Packing up

Oberlin president to quit after anti-Semitism controversy

The furor over his handling of a professor who posted anti-Semitic remarks on social media may have been the last straw for Marvin Krislov. More from The Forward

Meanwhile …

Colin Kaepernick denies rumors of conversion to Islam

The 49ers quarterback, who has become a lightning rod for his protests over the national anthem and violence against blacks, said the internet theory was connected to Islamophobia. More from

No easy answers

God, child abuse, and the limits of religious freedom in America

“The ocean of religious liberty stops at the shore of child welfare. But how far does it stretch beyond that?” asks Jonathan Merritt. More from

Apocalypse now

Donald Trump, ‘The Apprentice,’ and secular rapture

Millions of believers in the Rapture are white, blue-collar, or service workers who see good jobs being peeled away. Their industrial world has come to an end, writes Arlie Russell Hochschild. More from