The Slingshot: Faith at the British polls; Muslim cop’s beard; the case of Kim Davis


Need to know: 06/23/2016

Decision Day

Faith matters as UK votes on whether to remain in EU

Yes, it’s all about immigration and economics – but it’s also about religion. More from Religion News Service

NYPD Muslim blues

NYC cop sues city to wear beard

Officer Masood Syed, who wears his beard for religious reasons, was suspended after refusing to shave. More from Religion News Service


Afghanistan’s dwindling Sikh, Hindu communities flee abuses

Once a thriving minority, only a handful of Sikh and Hindu families remain. More from Religion News Service


Anti-Semitic assaults spike in US

There were a total of 56 violent assaults against Jewish victims last year, according to the Anti-Defamation League. More from Religion News Service


Kentucky clerk opposed to gay marriage says state law negates appeal

Since the state took clerks’ names off marriage licenses, Kim Davis sees no need to make a federal case of it. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Diplomacy be darned

Pope to visit Armenia after irking Turkey with ‘genocide’ label

He will pray at the Genocide Memorial and Museum. More from Religion News Service


Gunman slays one of Pakistan’s most famous Sufi singers

A splinter faction of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility, saying Amjad Sabri's singing was blasphemous. More from


Abortions in Latin America may be rising because of Zika

Requests for abortion-inducing drugs have shot up in some Zika-affected countries, according to a new study. More from

Not funny

Reality TV star accuses Sarah Silverman, Jews of killing Jesus

And then the semi-celebrity known as “Tequila” said the comedian was next on a “celebrity sacrifice” list. More from The Forward