The Slingshot: Faith in politics. Papal point man. Mormon youth


Need to know: 10/06/2016

Circling the wagons?

United Methodist association forms to push for tough line on gays

The denomination is hoping to prevent a schism in the wake of the election of Bishop Karen Oliveto, who is openly gay and married, to lead the UMC’s Western Jurisdiction. More from Religion News Service


With Kaine and Pence, religion finally takes center stage in Election 2016

The major party’s two presidential aspirants have kept faith at a distance. That was not the case during the first and only vice presidential debate. More from Religion News Service

Who should Christians vote for?

Theologian Miroslav Volf makes a surprising case for one candidate

A prominent theologian at Yale Divinity School thinks one candidate is more Christian than the other. More from Religion News Service

Accentuating the positive

Pope, Anglican leader vow joint action on poverty and environment

The pledge at a vespers prayer service in Rome came despite challenges to greater unity posed by differences over women priests and gay marriage. More from Religion News Service

Love this guy

Who is the archbishop Pope Francis sends into the streets to help Rome’s migrants?

He is Konrad Krajewski, or “Don Corrado,” as he is known on the streets, and he is nothing like a typical Vatican official. But there’s only so much even he, and the pontiff, can to do help these refugees. More from Religion News Service

This is awkward

Kelly Ayotte, free condoms — and a budding Catholic question?

The Republican senator from New Hampshire is locked in a tough re-election battle. Could her campaign gimmick to distribute free condoms to college students prompt any Catholic backlash? More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks


Worldwide, only 25 percent of young single Mormons are active in the LDS Church

Video of a behind-closed-doors 2008 meeting of the LDS Church’s top leaders revealed some startling statistics about the Church’s youngest adult members. More from Religion News Service

Good luck with that one

Polygamist leader: Communal living key part of religion

A polygamous sect leader who is among a group of people accused of carrying out a multiyear food stamp fraud scheme told a judge in Utah that not sharing the food would prevent him and others from living their religion and being prepared for heaven. More from

Tall order

Will young Jews stand up for Judaism?

Young Jews need to stand up for themselves and their narrative. A manifesto from Jeff Salkin. More from Religion News Service

No, sorry, not Jewish

Prince Charles makes secret visit to grandmother’s grave in East Jerusalem

The Prince of Wales was in Israel for the funeral of Shimon Peres. His paternal grandmother is interred in the Church of Mary Magdalene on the Mount of Olives. More from The Forward

Interesting take

Science and the Bible can help ease racial tensions

From a genetic standpoint, today’s scientists have abandoned the word “race” for humans -- and so should everyone else, writes Ken Ham, president of the newly opened Ark Encounter. More from Religion News Service

Slam dunk

The ‘lived religion’ of street basketball

A review of a new book, “Black Gods of the Asphalt,” which shows how African-American men use street basketball to resist dehumanization, “and this happens on the level of religious consciousness.” More from