The Slingshot: Fake ISIS attack; Cardinal Burke vs. Pope Francis; Alleged imam killer indicted


Need to know: 08/23/2016

Street theater

Fake ISIS attack in Prague, intended as protest, causes panic

In the words of Czechoslovakia’s president: “idiocy." More from

The critic

Cardinal Burke insists he is serving Francis, not opposing him

Pope Francis has faced strong opposition from traditionalists— and the face of that opposition has often been Cardinal Raymond Burke. More from Religion News Service

Wheels of justice

New York grand jury indicts man for murder of Muslim cleric

The murders “strike at the very heart of our county’s Muslim community,” read the Queens district attorney’s statement. More from Religion News Service

Facing jail time

Malaysian rapper held over music video said to insult Islam

Authorities took exception to his use of images of a mosque and the word “Allah” in the video. More from Religion News Service

Back-to-school ruling

Texas judge blocks Obama transgender bathroom rules

The decision is at least the third legal setback for transgender rights in federal court this month. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Battling bigotry

Remembering a Christian and a Jew who traced anti-Judaism to its roots

They studied the “cancer lurking just beneath the thin veneer of our so-called ‘civilization,’’’ writes A. James Rudin. More from Religion News Service

Fashion police

A city in Tajikistan is drawing up lists of women who wear hijabs

Authorities in the northern Tajik city of Khujand have a list of more than 600 women who wear headscarves, which the authoritarian government frowns upon. More from

Keep on, keepin’ on

Jimmy Carter begins Habitat work in Memphis with a devotional

Nearly 92, the former president taught a Bible lesson Monday and then put in a morning’s work for Habitat for Humanity. More from USA TODAY

Talk about tradition

Channeling his father for a day as Fiddler’s Tevye

A 31-year-old actor with a small part in Broadway revival will step briefly into the lead role so closely associated with the father he barely knew. More from


Donald Trump outreach inaccurately claimed top Hispanic pastor as advisor

Pastor David Gonzales of Dallas, one of the key leaders listed as part of Donald Trump’s new Hispanic Advisory Council, has not actually agreed to the role.  More from