The Slingshot: Gay Methodists; Vatican fakes; Religious freedom



Need to know: 05/03/2016

'I will no longer lie about who I am...'

15 United Methodist clergy, candidates come out as gay

Although they may face charges under church law, they made the announcement a week before UMC's 2016 General Conference. More from United Methodist News Service

Bad news

Report: Religious freedom deteriorating around the world

It faces “serious and sustained assault,” according to a new annual report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. More from Religion News Service

YUGE for Trump

White evangelicals sour on Ted ‘Lucifer’ Cruz

Indiana is chockablock with white, born-again Christians voters that the Texas senator has been banking on. More from The Atlantic

Unholy doodads

Roman police seize thousands of fake Vatican souvenirs

Police estimate the counterfeit trinkets market value at about 1.7 million euros ($1.96 million). More from Religion News Service

'Unpardonable espionage'

North Korea sentences US missionary to 10 years hard labor

The Christian missionary was convicted for stealing military secrets for South Korea. More from





Bonus tracks

Open minds

Evangelicals must confront the ethical dilemma of partisanship

(RNS) There can't be vigorous moral and philosophical debate if evangelicals simply oppose all Democrats. More from Religion News Service

Reefer madness

Franklin Graham promotes Scientology views against marijuana

Graham's Facebook post links to text written by Scientology’s Foundation for a Drug-Free World. More from

No explosives

Florida man charged with plotting to blow up a Miami-area synagogue

The FBI says the man actually carried an inert device supplied by a bureau employee working undercover. More from

Coffeeshop clash

Muslim woman claims attacker maligned her, dumped liquid on her

Police have surveillance video of the incident at a D.C. Starbucks where she was called "a worthless piece of trash and a Muslim." More from WUSA

Indian guru mocked for saying he ‘refused’ a Nobel Peace Prize

He also knocked Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Nobelist, prompting tweets of derision. More from BBC News