The Slingshot: Tim Tebow, Dan Brown, Donald Trump make pitches


Need to know: 05/20/2016


Meet Jewish America’s first ambassador to Muslims

Robert Silverman speaks Arabic, but it’s not language that he will rely on in his new job. “It’s the ability to see through other people’s eyes.” More from Religion News Service

E pluribus unum?

Americans are more polarized than ever. We Methodists don’t want to be.

"Perhaps, in this divisive national campaign season, our church’s earnest striving for unity offers a lesson for all of us about how people of good will and strong faith in the future can indeed come together," write Tom Berlin and Mike McCurry. More from

Pro tip: ditch the taco bowl

Trump makes a play for Hispanic evangelicals

Trump aides have told the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee will submit videotaped remarks to be played at their annual conference Friday evening. More from

Walking the walk

If death penalty returns, Catholic bishop says he’ll volunteer to die

In what may be a precursor to a showdown between church and state in the deeply Catholic nation, a Filipino bishop has said he’ll take the place of condemned criminals if the country’s new president reintroduces the death penalty. More from

More than a passing grade

Ex-NFL QB and outspoken Christian, Tim Tebow, writing on ‘life’s storms’

Tebow will write about maintaining perspective "when your dreams do not go as planned." WaterBrook, a Christian imprint, also plans a companion study Bible. More from the Associated Press

Your daily widget

Church of Scotland to consider online baptisms, Communion

A Church of Scotland committee is pushing for "a wide-ranging review of practice and procedure which is impacted by the use of new technology in church life." More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Beyond 'Abrahamic'?

Meet Bonbibi: the Indian forest goddess worshiped across religions

In this time of religious divisions, here's something unusual -- a diety who is revered by Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike. More from

Dumb and dumberer?

Dan Brown is adapting ‘Da Vinci Code’ for young adults. Huh?

Twitter was confounded by the news and took the opportunity to mock the author, who has faced repeated criticism over his writing style. More from Newsweek

Actually, it was a Roman marketplace ....

Why a Catholic church should look like a Catholic church

"A Catholic Church is not simply a preaching hall. From the beginning, it was a temple not an auditorium," writes the Rev. Dwight Longenecker. More from

What's old is new again

How the politics behind the bathroom wars hark back to old race-baiting

Officials in many Southern state governments believe the only way they can win re-election is to focus attention on an enemy. Transgender people, it seems, are the scapegoat of 2016. More from Religion News Service

A fond remembrance. RIP.

When Morley Safer visited the Vatican

Deacon Greg Kandra, a former CBS news hand, remembers the late "60 Minutes" legend, and points to a couple of Catholic pieces Safer did. More from