The Slingshot: God in politics, on TV, in sports, and in the lecture hall


Need to know: 09/14/2016

Playing nice

New group of evangelicals seeks a more Christian approach to politics

“Public Faith,” founded by 13 evangelical leaders, seeks bi-partisanship, civility and grace in the presidential race. More from Religion News Service

Righteous gentile

Will belonging to Scot who died in Auschwitz found in church archive

Christian missionary Jane Haining, who refused to abandon Jewish girls in Budapest, bequeathed typewriter, coat and watches. More from

Too pooped to preach

Megachurch pastor Pete Wilson will resign

After 14 years, the Nashville pastor of one of the fastest-growing evangelical churches in the U.S. says he is tired and burned out. More from RELEVANT Magazine

Turned away

Anti-gay Arizona pastor denied entry to South Africa

Steve Anderson and members of his evangelical church have been denied visas due to hate speech concerns. More from Religion News Service

Rite and wrong

‘Epic’ bar mitzvah party produces epic trial and bizarre defense

The case has been noteworthy, first for its unusual circumstances, and then for the wisecracks surrounding it. More from

Bonus tracks

God goes to Hollywood

3 new September shows with religion subplots

“The Exorcist,” “The Good Place” and “This Is Us” explore heaven, hell and the realm in between. More from Religion News Service

God goes to the game

Tom Brady, Michael Strahan produce ‘Religion of Sports’ show

The one-time Super Bowl rivals look at the spiritual impact of sports around the world. More from The Big Story

It’s a wrap

There is no hijab emoji: A 15-year-old is trying to change that

A German teen originally from Saudi Arabia is the lead author of a proposal for a headscarf emoji. More from

Finger pointing

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Let us rid the world of Wahhabism

Iran’s foreign minister maintains that Saudi petrodollars are whitewashing a “death cult.” More from

Theology 101

Teaching Calvin in California

Why it is important to persuade college students theology is crucial to a liberal education. More from