The Slingshot: GOP benediction, Groundbreaking bishop, The real Garden of Eden


Need to know: 07/19/2016


Slammed: Pastor Mark Burns’ benediction at the GOP convention

God should sue the Republican National Convention for defamation, writes Nicholas Kristof. More from


United Methodist groups divided after election of first LGBT bishop

Despite the denomination’s ban on the ordination of “self-avowed practicing homosexuals,” it happened. More from Religion News Service


Christian conservatives cheer GOP party platform

Opposition to gay marriage, bathroom choice, and more. More from Fox News


From idealism to disillusion, the shifting profile of Islamist attackers

Attacks by psychotic, less religious perpetrators can be harder to prevent. More from Religion News Service

Your next vacation

‘Garden of Eden’ becomes a World Heritage Site

Scholars believe the marshlands at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates inspired the Biblical garden. More from The Atlantic

Bonus tracks

Next question

What church does Mike Pence belong to?

Like many politicians, Mike Pence would rather not pick a denomination. More from Religion News Service


Scientists bring saints back to life with imaging technology

The Brazilian team has already re-created Mary Magdalene’s face. More from Religion News Service

Bum rap

Moorish Scientists struggled with tainted reputation even before Baton Rouge

The Louisiana cop killer was but one man who has cited the group’s influence. More from Religion News Service


Hillary Clinton needs to reach out to non-religious Americans

They’re the biggest “religious” group of Democrats, reminds Hemant Mehta. More from Religion News Service

Our boy

Islamic State claims responsibility in German train attack

The group says the Afghan teen who attacked riders with a hatchet was one of theirs. More from