The Slingshot: Great awakenings. Charleston remembered. Evangelicals and Trump


Need to know: 06/08/2016

Like a prophet

Will Bernie Sanders’ defeat also end America’s latest Great Awakening?

The most secular candidate in modern times has inspired what looks like a classic religious revival. More from Religion News Service

Not enough

A year after the Charleston church shooting, what has changed?

And for some Charlestonians, it has been a test of faith. More from Religion News Service

Big data

Southern Baptists decline as Assemblies of God grow

The Assemblies of God are benefiting from immigration much more than the Southern Baptist Convention. More from Religion News Service

Sin of omission

Police investigating shooting at Baltimore church

As family and friends gathered to remember a 22-year-old gunned down last month, his brother pulled out a gun and shot their father. The two men had argued over an obituary which omitted the brother’s name. More from

The trendsetting state?

California’s End of Life Option law: More peaceful deaths or moral quicksand?

California's law expands access to aid in dying to 1 in 6 terminally ill Americans. Opponents see danger ahead for the elderly and vulnerable. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Answering for apostasy

Refugees seeking asylum on religious persecution grounds quizzed on ‘Bible trivia’

Refugees who say they converted to Christianity face rejection of their applications if they do not answer correctly. More from

Location, location, location

Down to one resident in 15,600 square feet, a missionary sisterhood’s home is for sale

As so many religious groups have done in Manhattan, the sisters are cashing out on a property valued at $20 million. More from

An evangelical for

Trump speaks the language of the faithful

'It is time for us to start considering what will take us a step closer to real change and revival in America.' More from LifeZette

An evangelical against

Evangelicals like me can’t vote for Trump — or Clinton. Here’s what we can do instead.

'We should not support him regardless of how bad a Clinton presidency might be.' More from Vox

DIY vocation

This is my light saber’ – Tulsa’s new bishop makes his own staff

Unlike many of his soon-to-be brother-bishops, the Rev. David Konderla is carving his very own staff – or crosier – to signify his new position. More from Catholic News Agency