The Slingshot: Hate crime in the heartland, American bishop at the Vatican, and the iron nun in the commercial


Need to know: 08/17/2016

Hate crime

Man voiced hatred for Muslims, Arabs before killing, victim’s family says

Before he was shot to death, Khalid Jabara had warned police that his neighbor was a violent bigot. More from Religion News Service


Pope’s choice for new Vatican post boosts moderates, Americans

Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas is known for a commitment to social justice very much in keeping with the Pope Francis style. More from

Tragedy in Queens

Imam shooting suspect appears in court

Oscar Morel of Brooklyn was arraigned on one count of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder.  More from Religion News Service


The abortion rights movement is bolder than it’s been in years

Gone is the vaguely conciliatory mantra of the past, the ideal of keeping abortion “safe, legal and rare.” More from

Terrorists’ cheerleader

Radical UK imam guilty of inviting support for ISIS

Anjem Choudary first became infamous for praising the men responsible for 9/11. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks


Victims of Rabbi Freundel, who videotaped women, ask for $100 million in lawsuit

Recorded as they prepared for a ritual bath, the women are suing him and Orthodox Jewish institutions that supervised him. More from


Pilgrims crowd church where Mother Teresa once prayed

Catholics flock to the Kosovo church where the beloved nun – soon to be canonized – prayed as a girl. More from Religion News Service

But why?

Donald Trump creates a Hebrew Twitter feed

Just how many potential U.S. voters in Israel don’t speak English? More from The Forward

Iron sister

Athletic and elderly nun stars in new Nike ad

The 86-year-old is a record-breaking triathlete. More from AdWeek

Powered by Jesus

Randall and Vashti Cunningham: God and games are the family business

Randall Cunningham is not only Vashti Cunningham’s father, he is also the track-and-field star’s coach and pastor. More from Religion News Service