The Slingshot: Helping Louisiana flood victims; Celebrating the Olympic spirit; Preserving art


Need to know: 08/22/2016

Disaster relief

Faith-based groups mobilize to aid Louisiana flood victims

As the crisis continues to unfold, faith-based groups are distributing aid, providing shelter and helping to rebuild. More from Religion News Service

Four more years

The ‘Olympic spirit’ thrives despite bad behavior in Rio’s Summer Games

Athletes and officials have lied, scalped tickets, and otherwise disgraced themselves. But still, there have been some fine displays of the "Olympic spirit." More from Religion News Service

‘We are Americans’

4 Muslim vets on life in the military

Four military veterans share their experiences as Muslims serving in the armed forces. More from Religion News Service


Donald Trump isn’t relying on faith alone

The Republican candidate brings on board a new religious-outreach director. More from The Atlantic

Culture clash

Gulf tourism frenzy in Bosnia polarizes locals

In a secular country where many Muslims drink alcohol and wear European-style clothing, some are worried about the arrival of a Saudi-built mall where no alcohol is sold, and the appearance of burqas and traditional Arab robes on the streets. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Criminal justice

An end to a form of modern-day slavery

The Justice Department’s move to phase out private federal prisons brings a welcome end to a moral and political crisis that has tested the very foundations of our democracy, says Johnny Bernard Hill. More from Religion News Service


Voters must strain to hear beyond the white noise of their souls

We need to be listening through the noise. We need to be listening for God, says Tripp Hudgins. More from Religion News Service

Je ne sais quoi

France’s ‘burkini’ bans are about more than religion or clothing

It’s about protecting France’s non-Muslim majority from having to confront a changing world, according to some social scientists. More from

‘The last frontier’

Hindu American Olympic medal winner says religion taught him control on the court

For Hindu American children, Ram is a new role model, one of the first Americans who share this should be shares their religion to take home an Olympic medal. More from

Behold the hilarious mishap

Memory of botched Jesus painting preserved in comedic opera

An opera memorializing the painting’s story is set to debut next year at our Lady of Mercy in Borja, Spain. More from Catholic News Agency